About Our Staff

Brian Juran

Brian was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Upon graduating from New York Law School in 1995, he moved to the Kingston area where he fell in love with the law even more.  Since opening his own law office in 1999, Brian has helped over 2300 clients eliminate millions of dollars in personal debt that will never have to be repaid. 


Fernanda was born and raised in Kingston, New York.  After graduating high school, she attended Marist College and majored in Political Science with a pre-law track and worked on her paralegal certification. The law is something Fernanda feels very passionately about and wishes to one day pursue law school. For now, Fernanda is learning everything about bankruptcy law as a paralegal for the Law Office of Brian Juran. 


Keri has been a New Yorker her whole life, except for about seven years when she lived in the Sunshine State.  While she has worked in the restaurant industry for most of her life, her customer service skills relate to life in the legal world every day in her role as Brian’s Legal Assistant.