Dealing with bankruptcy? Finding it difficult to manage bankruptcy on your own? Want to hire a professional bankruptcy attorney in Columbia County, who can help you navigate the path of bankruptcy in no time. 

A bankruptcy attorney is a legal professional who specializes in the field of bankruptcy law, which involves assisting individuals or businesses facing financial difficulties and seeking relief from overwhelming debts. These attorneys provide guidance, representation, and advocacy throughout the bankruptcy process, helping clients navigate complex legal procedures and protect their rights.

In this blog, you will learn the different forms, angles and ways bankruptcy works, along with the way lawyers handle you and your case!

How Many Forms of Bankruptcy Are There In Bankruptcy Law Code?

Bankruptcy courts consider a variety of bankruptcy cases. These stories span from businesses to people, with each employing a unique strategy for repaying creditors. The following are the most prevalent types of bankruptcies;

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: 

One of the most prevalent types of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is appropriate for those who don’t have enough assets to be seized and sold by the court. People who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically have all or most of their debts dismissed.

However, educational loans, property liens, and child support obligations will continue after filing for bankruptcy. It is also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy, which permits individuals or organizations to discharge the majority of their debts by liquidating non-exempt assets. 

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

This type of bankruptcy allows firms to preserve their assets from creditors while restructuring their debt, assets, and operations. Chapter 11 bankruptcy often results in smaller and more efficient enterprises. It can also be used by people who are in too much debt to qualify for Chapter 13. It is another typical type of bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

It is typically used for individuals, although organizations can also apply for it. Small firms that want to reorganize rather than liquidate can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which includes creating a realistic repayment plan. The amount you must repay is solely determined by your business’s earnings, outstanding debt, and asset worth.

  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: 

It is comparable to Chapter 13, except it is meant exclusively for family farmers and fishermen who earn a regular income.

  • Chapter 15 Bankruptcy:

It is utilized when a debtor has assets or debts in more than one country. It is a method for coordinating various bankruptcy cases and ensuring that all creditors are handled properly regardless of jurisdiction.

What Should You Anticipate From Columbia County Bankruptcy Attorneys?

When people choose to hire a bankruptcy attorney, they have a long list of  demands. Here are some of the suitable demands people have when they hire a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Guidelines on The Kind of Bankruptcy

The most crucial role that bankruptcy lawyers conduct is to select the right kind of bankruptcy for those they represent based on their qualifications. There are various types of bankruptcies, and not all of them are appropriate for you. 

When you or a corporation employs a bankruptcy lawyer, they expect the lawyer to advise them regarding the best bankruptcy option for their situation which can assist them in filing for bankruptcy.

  • Collection of All Legal Documents

A normal man cannot fill out, discover, and prepare all of the legal documents easily, if he has no prior knowledge of the process. The assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer is a must. When they are recruited, they are obligated to complete legal documentation on behalf of you. 

They are also responsible for filing or supervising your bankruptcy cases. The duties of formal signings on papers or creating legal contracts are completed by bankruptcy attorneys who possess exemplary skills.

  • Argument In Court

If the case progresses to a judicial session and a hearing, bankruptcy lawyers will defend you easily. They compile enough proof and details to persuade the jury to vote in your favor, then present all of the material in court on your behalf. Having a lawyer with outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities improves your likelihood of winning the case since he or she can represent you effectively in court. 

  • Legal Guidance and Discussion

After first interaction with you, the bankruptcy lawyers are anticipated to deliver a preliminary assessment of the case. They are responsible for giving you legal advice on what sort of bankruptcy you must file and what will be the outcomes of each.They are obligated to advise you on every move throughout bankruptcy proceedings.

Points to Keep in Mind When Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Having a bankruptcy lawyer on your side reduces the likelihood of your bankruptcy case being out of control; that’s why it is crucial to select carefully. Here are the most common precautions before choosing a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Do Not Choose the cheapest Attorney :

It’s not surprising that insolvent people will choose not to invest money in anything, including a lawyer who can help them get out of their predicament. People who believe that they have saved money by selecting the cheapest available bankruptcy lawyer wind up losing a large portion of their resources because the chances of winning a case are slim.

  • Do Not Rush In Choosing A Lawyer : 

You cannot hire the first lawyer you encounter for your case. Because insolvency is a sensitive issue that can change people’s lives. When people hire a lawyer randomly they frequently end up with unskilled bankruptcy lawyers who are of little help. Always conduct thorough research for suitable lawyers in your area using various sources, evaluate some of them, and then select one after a brief interview. 

  • Do Check Everything About Them:

Anybody seeking a bankruptcy lawyer must be in a position of stability, which is why people frequently choose a professional without asking adequate questions. There are numerous hidden charges associated with legal advice and representation in court that consumers are unaware of until they are required to pay them. It is best to ask bankruptcy lawyers what they are going to charge before and after the case before hiring a lawyer. 

  • Do Not Fall For Fraudsters

There have been several reports of people falling victim to scams and frauds committed by people claiming to be bankruptcy lawyers. Such incidents occur when people employ lawyers without acquiring adequate information about them or establishing their legal affiliations. 

Fraud lawyers prey on scared clients who are so concerned about losing their possessions that they ignore all the other necessary things. Make sure you investigate their background, years of experience, skill, licensing, and state bar association.


The above post is a complete guidance to help you know and understand the basics of bankruptcy and the bankruptcy lawyers in Columbia County. The Law Office Of Brian Juran is the best option to keep you updated on the matter. We have 20 years of experience witnessing a variety of bankruptcy cases. Call us now to navigate bankruptcy hassle-free!

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